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Windich Legal (WiL) was an Oxford-based boutique legal consultancy, specialising in IT, IP and commercial law, run by me, Max Windich.

As of 1 May 2022, WiL is no more. I’m now a partner in the Commercial team at Howes Percival LLP, a full-service law firm. If you liked my work at WiL, you’ll like my work at HP: you can contact me at max.windich@howespercival.com.

Why the change?

My solo-lawyer model had limited flexibility and provision for contingency. Between global circumstances and personal circumstances (a new baby on the way), this was becoming a problem. WiL had been full to capacity work-wise since 2019, and I was having to turn away a lot of interesting clients and work: I prefer to say “yes” more and “no” less, and to take an occasional holiday knowing there is a safe pair of hands to keep the wheels turning, and joining HP has allowed that.


Why Howes Percival LLP?

HP offers a personal service using great lawyers at great prices, which felt to me like a macrocosm of how I tried to do business at WiL. I collaborated with several of HP’s lawyers over the years and found them technically impressive and highly personable, so they were my first point of call when I was considering migrating WiL’s business into a law firm. 

HP offers a “partner-led” service, which means that for the majority of a client’s work the lead lawyer will be a partner who will be readily accessible and involved. This means I get to keep day-to-day contact with my clients. Importantly, that partner-led service comes without the attendant price premium you might expect at other firms. I was always keen to provide a value proposition within WiL and was delighted at how competitive HP’s rates are when compared to equivalent lawyers in my local Oxford, London and Reading markets. 

HP is a full-service commercial firm, so provides wider support than just the commercial and IT contract and data protection work on which I have assisted my historic clients. They have especially strong offerings in corporate, employment, regulatory & compliance, commercial property and other business services. I’m very much enjoying being part of a “one-stop shop” instead of providing a segmented services offering like I did at WiL.

Thanks again for visiting – I’ll hope to hear from you soon!